You spoke, we listened

Introducing Flipilizer V3 with vertical layout

July, 2020

We recently launched version 1 of Flipilizer and it shattered all expectations:

Screenshot of Filipilizer V1
Filipilizer V1

People love modeling their flips and analyzing financials like profit, total costs, break-even, ROI and more.

On the heels of the excitement we quickly went to work on version 2:

Screenshot of Filipilizer V2
Filipilizer V2

We added bi-directional break-even analysis so that providing any two of Purchase Price, Renovation Cost, or Sales Price, would yield the break-even of the third. For example if you provide a Purchase Price of $1M and a Sales Price of $2M, Flipilizer will show that a Renovation Cost of around $780K (depending on your parameters) would net zero profit. Every dollar saved below that break-even is a dollar earned.

In the spirit of bi-directionality we changed the layout to horizontal so that the three key inputs could be easily accessible across the top:

Screenshot of key inputs horizontal across the top
Key inputs horizontal across the top

But you hated it. The feedback has been clear. The horizontal layout is a bust. And you know what, we agree.

Introducing Flipilizer V3 with vertical layout:

Screenshot of Filipilizer V3
Filipilizer V3

We kept the bi-directional break-even analysis but reverted back to the classic vertical layout everyone loves.

We hope you like it, let us know: